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Shenzhen Jujue Technology Co., Ltd

The company was established in 2007. We have a large-scale team with more than 200 people with a clear division of labor, covering more than 30 sales elites, more than 10 experienced product development and design engineers, professional mold design engineers and technology Skilled mold master, equipped with a batch of Taiwan imported CNC milling machine, spark machine and other mold processing equipment and Haitian brand injection molding machine.
In 2007, the first Amazon U.S. store was opened. In 2012, the number of Amazon stores increased to 8, distributed in the United States, Europe and other sites.
In 2019, the LEYI brand was created and applied for a trademark patent. In 2019, an independently designed 2 in1 mobile phone case, TPU+PC mobile phone case applied for appearance patent.
The sales business continues to grow, and the production equipment is also updated at the same time. The dual-engine business of independent products and ODM/OEM customized products is working together.
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